Trade Crypto Smarter with Machine Learning.

Why Beat Profit

Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

With hundreds of Crypto Exchanges running 24/7, it's a tremendous oppurtunity to profit from arbitrage among exchanges at almost 0 risk. The expected daily profit is 0.8% ~ 4.3%, which is higher than almost any other investment option.

Secure and Safe

All the funds are safely secured by exchanges, we only use standard api calls provided by exchanges to trade, which means no risk of revealing our private keys to the malicious.

Trade Faster, Earn Faster

Our program is written with C++ , runs 100x faster than python scripts. This computing advantage help us make every trading process 0.3 seconds faster than normal trading program, and bring us more profit.

Profit Fairly Distributed

As an investor, users can get up to 90% of the profits we make.

Latest Deposite & Profit

Average Earning in May 2, 2018:


[Deposite] 17A16QmavnUfCW11DAApiJxp7ARnxN5pGX 0.20239 BTC

[Deposite] 3LSXByvFWcEyGHxKwMpAwdmDY85ofeuZyh 0.01607 BTC

[Deposite] 1N1hVh69jdf6veNbaGZBmVEWNCWTbkqTRx 8.33690 BTC